Friday, September 11, 2020

Sweet Memories, Made Me a Little Teary

July 22, 1997: Sarah cleaned up all the toys in the basement by herself, and then told Kathy, "I'm so proud of myself."

July 25, 1997: Last night Sarah said, "I love Jesus so much, I just can't say how much."

The other day, in the midst of our ant infestation, Ping-Hwei was filling some ice trays at the sink. With disgust in his voice, he cried to Kathy, "What! Counter! Animals!"

August 1, 1997: When Sarah's not having a fun time, she says, "I'm a little bit boring." When Rebecca thinks a day is not fun, she says, "This day is bored."

Sarah asked to have some of Murray's exotic mocha coffee, and Murray said she could have a little. Sarah told him, "I'll be sorry if I forget and drink it all."

Caleb had a hamburger with the works for supper, pretty potentially messy. When Murray handed Caleb the sandwich he told him not to put it down until he was done eating it. Caleb replied, "Look, Daddy, I'm going to throw it up in the air!"

August 20, 1997: Yesterday, Ping-Hwei asked why our cats have four feet. I said that they're animals, and many animals have four feet. He said, "I want four feet."

Sarah just asked me to get her the toy dishes to play with. As I walked with her to get them off the shelf, she said, "I'm smiling, because I'm a cute little girl."

August 24, 1997: In the car the other day, we were eating bagels. Rebecca looked at her cherry bagel and said, with serious intent, "I like the ones with hair all over them."

August 25, 1997: Rebecca stayed with Grandma this week. On the way home yesterday, Sarah said a little sadly, "Benjamin looks sad; maybe he's missing Rebecca playing with him." I thought maybe Sarah was missing Rebecca too.

August 29, 1997: Sarah had an ouchy which was irritating her, and she said in frustration, "I wish we were in Heaven!" Caleb agreed, "No crying, no sad, no mad, no dying."

Today was a freshman orientation day at Ping-Hwei's high school. I asked him what he did at school today, and he replied, "I had ice cream.”

September 1, 1997: Sarah was saying that at school, she was going to remember to pray to herself at lunch, and Caleb said, "Last year, I'd start to open my lunchbox, and God would remind me, 'Don't forget to pray.'"

September 3, 1997: Last night, Sarah said that a little boy named Caleb in her class was singing Celebrate Jesus, and I said he probably loves Jesus. She said, "Well, I asked him, and he didn't say anything." Last week she told me that in a doctor's waiting room once, she asked a little boy if he loved Jesus, and he told her not to talk about that sissy stuff. I told her she's a good missionary.

In a long line of traffic, Sarah said, "Why do you stop if there's no stop light?" Murray said, the light is way up ahead, but what would you want me to do with the cars in front of me, anyway? She said, "You could go, bump."

September 6, 1997: Sarah is talking a lot like us. Today she was talking to Ping-Hwei, and said, "Caleb, Ping-Hwei, whoever you are..."

September 7, 1997: Murray is making sub sandwiches for supper. He asked Rebecca what she wanted on hers, and she replied, "I want everything but onions and ointment." Murray asked, Ointment? "Yeah, like catsup." Ah, condiments.


  1. Haha I like ointment on my sandwich, thank you very much!!! HAHA! :) Fun, sweet memories, Kathy! :)

  2. Wish I had kept track of memories like you have, Kathy! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am so grateful. It was just a passing thought I had one weekend when Murray was out of town, when the girls were very small, to write down what they said and did. What a gift it has become, as otherwise we would have lost so many of those memories. Thank you, Patti.

  3. Those are precious, Kathy. I used to keep a book on what my children said. When they grew up and moved out, I gave it to them. Some of the priceless gems were my older son calling the air conditioner the "conditioner." All of them called spaghetti, "sketties." And if my daughter did know what something was called as a toddler, she made up a totally different word for it, and it remained that name for the longest time. Those are such good memories.

    1. Yes, so precious. I know your kids loved those books.:)

  4. I'm with Ping Hwei.
    Four feet would be good.

    1. Sometimes I think four hands would be really helpful.:)