Friday, September 18, 2020

Psalm 119:137-144 Tsadhe

צ Tsadhe

You are righteous, Lord,

    and your laws are right.

The statutes you have laid down are righteous;

    they are fully trustworthy.

My zeal wears me out,

    for my enemies ignore your words.

Your promises have been thoroughly tested,

    and your servant loves them.

Though I am lowly and despised,

    I do not forget your precepts.

Your righteousness is everlasting

    and your law is true.

Trouble and distress have come upon me,

    but your commands give me delight.

Your statutes are always righteous;

    give me understanding that I may live.


“Father, I can never express enough how thankful I am for your word. Through all my hard times and sorrows, through every struggle and uncertainty, I find hope from you in the pages of my Bible.                                     Strengthen me, Lord, and use me to bring hope to others.” 


  1. His righteousness is everlasting and it is true!!! He never fails!! Thanks for these reminders! :)

  2. Amen! Thank you for these inspiring words today, Kathy!

  3. He will always be there to strengthen you, Kathy. Take it from someone who knows. He will never leave you nor forsake you, any more than he has me. Praise God.