Friday, January 24, 2020

Sweet Memories, What A Gift

February 6, 1997:  We were at the bank the other day, and they gave the kids stickers that smell when you scratch them.  They were fascinated, sitting on the floor while we did our stuff, scratching and sniffing each other's stickers.  Suddenly Caleb said, "Oooohhhhh, this one smells like dead flowers!"

Ping-Hwei went across the street to Yvette's house the other day when he got home, because we were at the doctor.  She has a little baby.  We asked him that night if he'd had fun at Yvette's house, and he said yes.  We asked, what does she have? And he said, "TV!"  We started laughing at him, and quickly he corrected himself, "Baby!"

The other day Sarah asked if we'd known before she was born that we would have her someday.  We said no, but we'd hoped God would give us a little girl as sweet as her.  She said, "God was pleased with you, so He gave me to you."

February 13, 1997:  When the kids ask how I know something or other, I say it's because I'm a mommy, and Mommy's know things.  Tonight Caleb was saying something goofy, and I said that he was teasing me.  He said, "I was tricking you, because you're a mommy, and mommies need to be tricked."

February 21, 1997:  When the light in the play room suddenly turned off, Rebecca said, "Mommy, the light burned on." As Kathy replaced the bulb, Caleb asked, "Mommy, how did you learn to do that?  Did God show you?"

February 25, 1997:  Sarah removed cups and silverware from the table after supper, and said, "I'm being a helper, I'm unsetting the table.”

February 26, 1997:  Sarah was listening to a tape of "Dueling Banjos" today, not knowing the name of the selection, and she said to me, "It sounds like the instruments are fighting."

Rebecca was looking at my braille Bibles this morning, --they say Holy Bible on them -- and she said, "The Bible is so Holy."  I said yes, it was the Holy Bible.  She said, "It should be the Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Bible."

The other day, Kathy and Murray were discussing ways of saving money, including whether they needed all of the parents' or kids' life insurance policies.  Kathy said, "Well, we could get rid of some of the kids'," and Sarah yelled out indignantly, "No you can't!"

March 10, 1997:  Yesterday, Murray was cleaning up the dishes, including some throwaway leftover food.  Rebecca said, "Put it in the mar geeneman stool, or whatever you call it." (garbage disposal)

March 13, 1997:  Sarah was talking about the girls' dollhouses this morning. She said Rebecca's has some dishes and napkins and things for dolls to pretend they're eating.  She said about her own house, "I just have a little table and two cups for water.  Too bad; the dolls will die."


  1. How funny! I could add a few to your list. Funny things your kid said could be a blog all its own! Or the things you as a parent never thought you would say... The words “why is the goldfish in your sock drawer?!” once came out of my mouth. (it lived)

  2. Oh, yes, loved them all. I especially liked "You're a mommy and mommies need to be tricked." and how Sarah said, "God was pleased with you so He gave you me."

    1. It's so much fun to look back at these.:) Thank you.

  3. Good for you, Sarah.
    Don't you dare let Kathy get rid of anybody.