Friday, February 1, 2019

Sweet Memories, I Got Some good Laughs Today

June 24, 1996: In Sunday school yesterday, the kids made little scrolls. When Sarah came to sit by me in the auditorium, she showed it to me and said, "Look, I have a squirrel!"

June 27, 1996: Yesterday Sarah told me that she was drying off in the bathroom after her shower, and Daddy turned off the light on her. And she told me, "But I wasn't mad, because it was a sorry mistake."

July 3, 1996: This morning, Caleb did something I'd told him not to do, and I said if he did it again, I'd spank him and send him to bed. Rebecca asked, "How can you spank him and send him to bed when he looks so sad?"

July 4, 1996: At supper, Caleb asked, "Mommy, what would happen if we went into our tummies?" I said I didn't even know how to go about doing that. He said, "Just put our feet up into our mouths," and Murray said then we could swallow ourselves whole.

Murray and the kids were watching fireworks tonight, and Murray said Rebecca said, "If one of them went way up into the sky, God could make it into a star if He wanted to."

Sarah came in before the others did from watching and said, "The neighbors had firecrackers, and they were real loud, and I was scared one would bonk down on my head."

July 8, 1996: This morning, I heard Rebecca say to Sarah, "If your eyelid comes off, you won't be able to sleep."

At breakfast Sarah started crying, and told me sadly, "I put some biscuit in my mouth, and I bit the tall finger on my right hand."

The other day Sarah took my hand and put it on the front part of her neck and said, "Feel the sound coming out of my throat when I talk."She's been thrilled with that whole concept ever since.

July 11, 1996: I was hugging Sarah yesterday and said she was my girl. She asked if I would keep her forever, and I said I'd keep her as long as she wanted me to. She said, "That will be a long time, because I'm just four years old."(She didn’t know how quick that time would go by. Neither did I.)

July 15, 1996: The other day Rebecca was taking Caleb's picture with the toy camera, and she said, "Smile wide, and stick out your tongue."

July 18, 1996: Sarah's lip was bleeding today, where it had been frozen to remove warts. Murray was hugging her this evening, and said, "What is the name of your lip?" She said, "Mean Boy, because it was bleeding all over."

July 19, 1996: Sarah came in while I was taking a nap this afternoon, and said, "What if when I get married, my husband doesn't love Jesus?" I said it would probably be better if she made sure to marry someone who loves Jesus. She said, "I hope Jesus gives me a good husband."

July 20, 1996: Sarah was teasing Murray, saying he didn't love Jesus. Murray said that, no, he didn't, and Sarah yelled, "Yes you do! And I love him. He's my Savior, and when I go to heaven he's going to pick me up."

July 21, 1996: At lunch Sarah said something to Caleb and he smiled at her. Before she went on talking, she laughed and said, "Big smile."

July 24, 1996: Yesterday Sarah asked why our grocery store has RamenNoodles, since they're Chinese food. Ping-Hwei loves them. She asked if Jesus put them there because He knew Ping-Hwei was going to be adopted by us. (Ping-Hwei had just joined our family that June.)

This morning Sarah asked me if she could do something, and I said no. She said, "I wish you were a nicer Mommy than this."

July 26, 1996: This morning Sarah told me indignantly, "Mommy, when I kicked Rebecca, she kicked me back."

July 30, 1996: Yesterday, our friend Bill captured a wasp nest in our yard, killed the little varmints, and put them all in a pickle jar. Then when he brought them inside, the kids were looking at them, and someone said something like that they were gross or scary or something, and Rebecca said, "But very interesting."

August 3, 1996: Caleb remains a mobility genius. We were on Pawnee Road, about two blocks from home. He said, "Oh, good, we're almost home!" Murray asked how he knew we were almost home. Caleb said,"We went over that bump in the road."

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