Friday, February 15, 2019

My Best Valentine gift

For many years, I thought what most attracted Murray and me to each other, was that as two lonely people, we each suddenly found someone who seemed to like us—and we snatched each other up. Now I believe God created Murray just for me, my special Valentine gift.

God knew just who I’d need to help me through life. We’ve been married for 31 years, and Murray has stood by me through a lot. Disabilities and injury and illness. Job struggles and graduate school. Raising five children. Disappointments and fears and sorrows.

Almost every day Murray says to me, “I can’t believe how happy I am with you.” And I can sometimes hardly catch my breath when I think of how precious he is to me.

Certainly we haven’t always found it easy to be married to each other. Besides all the challenges we faced together, we are two very different people who often don’t agree. We have vastly different opinions about things and enjoy many differing pastimes.

But God has held us together, picked us up, and day by day has taught us how to make this gift of marriage work.

I know most marriages have a lot of these kinds of things, but this is mine.

When we started 31 years ago, as two lonely people, we had no idea what we’d face, and how we’d pull through. I am so grateful to have had Murray to walk through all this with.

Someone once said to me, “He makes you laugh.”

We have so much fun together. We laugh all the time. Even when we’re grumpy with each other, we laugh and talk about how we’re only going to be grumpier as we get older.

We like doing crossword puzzles. On car rides, we enjoy listening to books together. We listen to old record albums, working to find ones we both like. It’s so much fun just driving around town together doing errands.

I’m not sure why he likes being with me, but he says he does. And he is such a friend and love to me. I look forward to what lies ahead of us.

Thank You Father for my special Valentine gift.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    So sweet! Thank you for sharing that with your readers!
    I think that is what drew me to my first husband, my made me laugh a lot. Some other key parts were missing though. I do have a great gentleman friend suffering from Usher Syndrome. We do make each other laugh a lot. I have never met him but we have known each other for five years. So that is a start. We are friends now with the possibility of more, perhaps, in God's timing. The best thing is he is a Christian, a poet and writes memoir.

  2. Kathy,
    What a beautiful love story. Happy valentine.

  3. This was beautiful, Kathy. You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What beautiful words. You two were meant for each other I believe that. Murray needs your common sense Kathy and laughter. You have raised together five GREAT kids to responsible good adults. I'm proud of both of you and your love together. Many more years laughing and loving. Love, Aunt Mel