Friday, November 3, 2023

Guest Author, Heidi Glick

 I have such admiration for someone who has six pets.:) And, I love Christian suspense.



Writing Journey

My writing journey started when I was thirteen and growing up in Southern California. My church had a live action nativity that guests walked through. I wanted to try out for the part of Mary, but the only noise I can make is joyful and off key. An adult suggested I write my own play, and from there, I began creating stories on my mom's old school word processor. Probably because I grew up in California, I first dreamed of writing Christian screenplays. In college, I tried my hand at silly poetry and a story involving a plesiosaur. After college, I wrote a little. When I moved to Ohio, I wrote my first novel and entered it into a contest. Unfortunately, I knew little about fiction writing at the time.

I worked as a technical editor for many years and wrote two articles. Years later, I joined American Christian Fiction Writers, which accelerated my knowledge of the craft. In 2013, Pelican Book Group published my first novel, Dog Tags. Then in 2014, I co-authored an infertility devotional with five other ladies. I completed my graduate degree, had two children, and put writing aside while I cared for my kids. When my children attended school full time after the pandemic, I resumed writing. In the summer of 2023, Pelican Book Group released my second novel, Hold for Release. On November 1, 2023, Pelican Book Group will release my Christmas novella, 12 Days. Recently, I began line editing for Scrivenings Press. Also, I am currently working on a three-book, environmental thriller series set in Cincinnati.

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Scott Newton retires from the sheriff' s office after a fellow officer is killed. Wracked by sorrow and the need for justice, Scott grows distant from his girlfriend, aspiring crime writer, Lindsay Billings. But, when Lindsay goes missing, and Scott discovers her research on the missing person cases thought to be the work of a serial murderer known as the Christmas Killer, Scott vows to find her at all costs. Police have never found the bodies of the people who went missing many Christmases ago, and Lindsay won't become just another statistic.


Then, someone kills again in Blanchardville. Police locate a corpse atop one of seven inflatable swans on a pond, and another body in a pear tree. Scott receives odd texts from Lindsay's phone and deduces they're from the killer.


In order to save Lindsay, Scott agrees to meet the madman and play his game. As time runs out, Scott must learn to trust in God again, no matter what.





Heidi Glick has a B.A. in biology from Cedarville University, a Master of Technical Communication from Utah State University, and a passion for writing Christian fiction. Additionally, she is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Faith, Hope, and Love Christian Writers and has written two articles for Intercom. Before becoming a suspense writer, Heidi taught science to middle and high school students and edited science documents. Heidi resides in rural Northwest Ohio with her husband, two children, and six pets.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading Heidi's new book. Her "Dog Tags" story was really good.

  2. Fun to read. I've heard good things about Hold for Release. It's been on my TBR list for a while now. Better get to it!!! :)

  3. I know Heidi from her FB page, but this is the first I've learned how she got started writing Christian Fiction. Great article - I'll look into her suspense books - looking forward to the upcoming releases