Friday, June 17, 2022

When I Think of the Cross

While going through old documents for possible memoir goodies, I found this poem, written around 2002.


When I Think of the Cross


Of You on the cross,

And what You suffered there,

Beyond the physical pain,

To the pain and shame and eternal aloneness of Your soul,

That You suffered for me,

I am crushed.

And brought low.

And tempted to stay low

From the sorrow of it.


But Your voice gently reminds me to look up!

To where You’re seated now,

In the glory You deserve.

You won the victory.

And if I come up

Out of the ugliness of my soul,

You win the victory again. 


  1. Beautiful ! Did you write this!!!!

    1. I found it among all my stuff without a name or any information attached, so I'm claiming it.:) It sounds like me.

  2. Lovely, Kathy. A wonderful reminder. Praise God!

  3. Don't you love it when you find those old nuggets from the past? Thank you for sharing this, Kathy!