Friday, April 27, 2018

Sweet Memories, So Many Wonderful Thoughts and Questions

October 19, 1995: At lunch Rebecca pointed out, "There's two 'I need to go to the bathrooms.' One is when you say, 'Rebecca, you need to go to the bathroom.' The other is when I say, 'I need to go to the bathroom.'" I said that was true. She said, "Are they both spelled the same way?"

The other day the kids were telling me about a turtle or a fish or something at a neighbor's house, that they can ride. They said there was water in it. I asked if they got wet, and they said, no, that the water was INSIDE the thing. Rebecca explained, "It's like when you hold us, but there's food in your tummy."

October 20, 1995: The girls wore their sweaters outside to play this morning, and I told them not to get their pretty sweaters dirty. When they came in, I asked if they'd gotten them dirty. They said no, then Rebecca said seriously, "I did get mine dirty, though." I asked how, and she replied, "I laid down in the mud."

Sarah recently moved from the afternoon to the morning class at school, but still has the same teacher and aid in the same room. She told Murray several days after she'd switched that there were new kids in her class. (I’m guessing all of them were new.)

October 24, 1995: When we went to Missouri in August, and right around the time we were getting to Missouri, Rebecca said, "This must be Missouri, because there's lots of trees." (We lived in Wichita then. Maybe that says something about how many trees there were in Kansas.)

November 1, 1995: Yesterday Rebecca finished reading Snow White; it took her a couple weeks at a page or two a day. I told her how proud I was of her, because she had just read her first whole book. She wanted to read the title page and the back cover, too, so she would have read the whole book.

Yesterday Sarah fell down one flight of our stairs. She hardly even cried, but when I asked her how she fell, she whimpered, "The steps made me fall."

November 2, 1995: It's snow flurrying today for the first time this year, and the kids are excited. Rebecca told me that they could see some snow falling on the deck. We have some pumpkins on the deck, and she said, "Mom, I promise; I'm not lying. There's snow on the pumpkins!"

November 6, 1995: Last night Caleb told me, "I'm looking for something I've never seen." I asked what it was, and he said, "And I don't know what it is."   

This morning I was talking with the kids about how Jesus is going to come back someday and take people to Heaven. I said it might be today, or it might be in hundreds of years, but we don't know. Rebecca got really sad and said she didn't want it to be today. She said she wanted to get big first. She said, "I want to get kids."

November 11, 1995: Last night we visited some friends who live in a mobile home court. Rebecca said, "These houses look like campers."

November 15, 1995: We had some animals from a petting zoo in our car the other night to take to church, and one was a turkey. Sarah described him as "The one with the big tail that looks like a dinosaur." No wonder she was scared of it.

The kids were fighting in the car the other night. Sarah prayed, "Dear Lord, please help Caleb not to touch me when I don't want him to." I turned my head away because I was laughing, but Rebecca asked me, "Are you going to tell Daddy what she said?"

November 21, 1995: It was 28 degrees outside today, so the kids wanted to open the door and see what it felt like. We could smell smoke from someone's fireplace, so Sarah said, "It smells like ham out there."

December 19, 1995: I was lying with the girls this morning when Rebecca said, "You know when you close your eyes, and there's a pretend TV in there that shows a bunch of pictures for kids? I just closed my eyes and saw Baby Jesus."

Later the girls were watching the news on TV, and there was a story about a politician's campaign commercial, mentioning juvenile crime. When she saw the guns, Rebecca said, "Turn that off, Sarah. Those are bad guys."

Sarah was talking to me a little bit ago, and she said, "Mommy, you couldn't hear me talking a little bit, because I had my hands on my ears."

December 22, 1995: The other day we were talking about whether animals go to Heaven. Rebecca said, "I think they'll go to Heaven because Abel gave God a gift of sheep, so that makes sense."

Also the other day we were talking about how the people who killed Jesus were bad. Then Rebecca said that it was a good thing they did it though, because they had to. I said that was right, that Jesus had to die for our sins. She said, "Yes, or we couldn't go to Heaven."

December 31, 1995: Last night Caleb asked for a special new sandwich for dinner--peanut butter, cheese, and pickles. We said he could have it if he promised to eat it all. He did eat it all, but he said he didn't have to have it anymore.

Tonight Sarah asked, "Why did Jesus give us left and right?"

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