Friday, March 9, 2018

Sweet Memories, Too Much Fun

August 15, 1995: Caleb has been saying the last couple days that he would like to touch a cloud, so he could see what one feels like. I said I didn't think he could, but Rebecca said maybe he could if hewas in a parachute. Today we were talking about flying to Heaven, and Caleb said, "Maybe when I'm flying in the sky I can touch acloud. Will Jesus help me?"

August 17, 1995: Last night Rebecca was telling me about helping a neighbor give her baby a bath, and Rebecca was very excited. I said,"I used to give two little babies a bath." She said, "What were their names?" I said, "Rebecca and Sarah." She said, "Oh. But you were aMommy, and I'm a little girl, so I had more fun."

August 26, 1995: Tonight when Sarah was getting ready for bed, sheasked, "When I'm four, will I be Rebecca, or Sarah still?"

August 29, 1995: Rebecca has been wondering about angels lately. We were talking about what color they might be, maybe the same colors as people. Someone suggested they might be green, andRebecca said no. "Just listen," she said. Then she sang Jesus loves the little children. After she sang the "red, brown, yellow, black,and white" part, she pointed out that it didn't mention green.

September 2, 1995: Sarah started preschool this week, and I was telling her that she needed to be good and do what her teacher said. She hadalready gone a few days. She said, "I was sad, so I was sweet."

When we were praying before bed, Rebecca asked, "Is Jesus amissionary?" I thought a second, and said yes. She said happily,"I'm a missionary like Jesus."

September 4, 1995: The other day Rebecca asked, "If we don't gonight-night, does it still get to be tomorrow?"

At lunch today, Sarah was looking around at who had drinks. Finally she said, "Daddy just has tuna and a book for lunch."

The other day when Rebecca's stomach hurt, she ate some grapes, and said that helped. Today at lunch I told her my tummy hurt. Very seriously and thoughtfully she asked if we had any raisins. She said we could put them out in the sun to make them grapes, and then Icould eat them to help my stomach.

September 13, 1995: Today I talked with Ted Skiles about starting proceedings for adopting Ping-Hwei. I told Rebecca and Sarah about that, and Sarah asked if they would let Ping-Hwei come live with us forever. I said I hoped so, and I said we should pray about it. Sarah said, "Dear Lord, help Ping-Hwei come live with us forever,please help him know about You."

Tonight at supper, Rebecca asked, "Mommy, is there a mail box inHeaven?" I said I didn't know, and asked if she liked mail. Shesaid, "Um hum, bright shiny mail."

September 28, 1995: Sarah was praying before she went to school, and she said, "Dear Lord, help me not to be sad, and to be happy, andjust to be your little girl."

Yesterday when I gave her a bath, I asked Sarah why Jesus gave me such a wonderful girl. She said, "Because He wants to, becauseHe's just a good God."

Rebecca likes to push Memory button (on our phone) to get the time and temperature recording. Last night she asked Murray if she could do that. He had just tried to call his Mom, but her line was busy. He told Rebecca to push the redial button instead of Memory. She did, then hung up. He asked why, and she said, "A real person answered." He said to go ahead and dial it again. She said, "Butwill I get in trouble?"

October 5, 1995: Last night we had tacos for supper, and Sarah didn't like them. She said, "Give me another plate with things thatI like."

The other day I kept stepping on Rhoda's tail. Rebecca asked, "Mom, do you know what God should make?" I asked what. She said, "He should make you not blind so you don't step on Rhoda."

This morning Rebecca was playing like we were having kids' class at church, and she was saying that I wanted to go to the kids' class, and to make me be quiet in class she said, "Mommy, do you want to go to your big people's class, and not have fun, and just sitthere and listen to people talk?"

October 14, 1995: One night the kids were saying they were thirsty for a drink before bedtime, and were talking about whether they were thirsty for water or milk. Sarah said, "I'm thirsty for sody; red sody; yum yum."

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