Friday, March 16, 2018

I Was Sick This Week

I must have caught one of the weird strains of flu that’s going around this year.

From after lunch on Sunday to lunch time Thursday, I planted myself, days and nights, in my son Ping-Hwei’s recliner, wrapped in afghans. I chose this position, because when I’m sick like this, lying down tends to send me into fits of coughing that are just embarrassing.

I won’t describe any more symptoms, because most of you know what they’re like already, and for anyone who doesn’t—who wants to read about that anyway?

I listened to hours of audio books, but other than that, for the first couple of days, I had a sense of being shut down.

I got almost no work done on the computer. I even missed at least one meal, which believe me, is big for me.

My family was good to me. Sarah brought me a smoothie, to encourage my intake of fluids. Murray, Ping-Hwei, and Caleb brought me Eli, the cat, many times, and I trapped him with me for longer times than I usually force on him, just for company.

I didn’t realize how low my energy dropped until the third day or so, when I finally had enough to start complaining. Today, Friday, my legs don’t feel so spongy anymore. I’m still cold, but I’m blaming that more now on Ohio temperatures than fever. I think I’m climbing back.

What a week. I’m looking forward to how much different the world seems with each new day.

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