Friday, August 18, 2017

Sweet Memories, I smiled So Much

In the middle of all this, we moved from Montgomery, Alabama to Wichita, Kansas. Everything in this section tickled me so much, I had a hard time leaving anything out. Please allow me to share my joy.

April 27, 1994: (From Murray) “Today was Caleb and Rebecca's first visit to the dentist. Rebecca told the Dentist, of course, that Caleb could go first. Caleb told the doctor, ‘I don't want you to hurt me.’ Both seemed to tolerate the $25procedure well, especially the suction, which the Dentist called ‘Mr. Thirsty.’ The Dentist said there were no cavities in Rebecca's teeth, again and again, because Rebecca kept asking, ‘No WHAT?’”

“Yesterday, Sarah was scratching her head, and Murray looked at her head. He told her he wanted to see what was in her hair. She said, ‘There's a bunny in my hair.’"

May 9, 1994: “Yesterday Sarah was looking out of the kids' room window and said she was looking at things. I asked what she saw, and she said, ‘Some doggies, and some trapezoids.’ I asked, ‘Some trapezoids?’ and she said, ‘Um hum, and some circles, and some squares....’"

May 10, 1994: “Yesterday Murray and the kids went to the office at our apartments. The lady asked Sarah how old she was, and Sarah said, ‘Six.’”

(She was two at that time, so I’m not sure if she was lying or just confused.)

“The last night we were in Montgomery, the kids were away while we loaded all our stuff in the truck. When they came home, Rebecca came in and said, ‘There's nothing inhere.’ Caleb started crying when he saw that his bed was so short now, just the mattress. Sarah kept walking around saying, ‘Where's the chairs, and the table, and the big old chair?’ We explained that everything was on the truck, to go with us to Wichita Kansas. Caleb asked if the carpet was going with us. The kids asked if the walls were going to stay or go, and the closets. Sarah asked, ‘Are you going with us to Wichita Kansas?’"

May 12, 1994: “Yesterday Rebecca and I were talking about babies growing in mommies' tummies. She asked how they got out. I said I went to the hospital and the doctor helped the baby come out. She asked, ‘But how did the baby get out?’ I said, ‘ummm, the baby pushed out a hole in Mommy.’ She said, ‘I don't like that deal.’ Then she asked, ‘After the doctor helped you do that, did they give you anything, like a sticker?’”

May 16, 1994: “The other night Murray brought a plate of toast to the table, with eight pieces of toast piled one on top of another. Sarah said excitedly, ‘Daddy made a tall tall tower.’"

June 6, 1994: “The other day we were in the car and passed a man using a hose to wash an overhanging roof outside a gas station. Rebecca saw him pointing the hose up in the air and asked, ‘Is that man cleaning the sky?’"

June 7, 1994: “Kathy was at home with Sarah in her arms when Murray called. While talking to Murray, Kathy told Sarah, ‘Say hello Daddy.’ Sarah exclaimed, ‘I'm not daddy!’"

June 8, 1994: “Today at lunch, Rebecca said something. Caleb asked her what she said, and she said, ‘None of your business.’ I started to say that wasn't nice, and before I was finished speaking, Rebecca said to Caleb, ‘I mean, I love you.’"

June 9, 1994: “The last couple weeks Sarah has been coming to the kitchen gate and saying, ‘Mommy, turn off your tape player, I want to tell you something.’ When I do that, she says, (for example) ‘Last time, Caleb put his finger in the cage and Otis bite him.’ (Talking about when Paul's bird bit Caleb.)”

(What in the world was I doing anyway, listening to a book when I had such cute kids to talk to?)

June 16, 1994: “Last night we had chicken nuggets for dinner and biscuits for a bedtime snack. After the biscuits Rebecca said, ‘My tummy is open. Does anybody want some food from my tummy?’ I said no, thank you, but Sarah said, ‘I want one.’ Rebecca said, ‘Do you want a biscuit or a chicken?’"

June 17, 1994: Yesterday Rebecca was eating her peanut butter sandwich and her tongue clicked because the peanut butter was so sticky. She said, ‘Hear that? Hear my tongue honk?’"

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