Friday, May 26, 2017

Grace and Truth, John 2:13-25

I’ve often read about the times that Jesus cleared the temple.

There were those who were trying to get rich by selling to people who came to the temple from far away, wanting to make offerings. Jesus did not approve of the way this was done.

I’ve heard it said this is an example of righteous anger. This is true, but that’s not the thought this passage is bringing into my head today.

Jesus was angry about how they were using his Father’s house. And I believe he was also angry because they were cheating people who had come long distances to make offerings at the temple. They had no choice but to buy what these sellers and money changers had to offer, and I believe Jesus was angry because people who wanted to worship at the temple were being cheated.

However, I think a lot of what he was doing at this time was teaching the disciples. In verse 17 it says his disciples remembered that Psalm 69 had predicted that Jesus would do this.

Later, when Jesus predicts his resurrection, it also says that the disciples remembered this after he rose, and they believed him.

Jesus had only a short time to teach his disciples, those who would be in charge of starting the church and finishing the Bible, which had to survived centuries to come to us today. I think he was power teaching.

I have such a crusty heart. Often when I read the Bible, it’s easier for me to see God as harsh and not notice his gentleness. I’m glad as I read this passage today, it makes me smile when I think about him “power-teaching” his disciples, trying to get in as much as possible in the short time he had with them.

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