Friday, May 5, 2017

Grace and Truth 4, John 2:1-12

Jesus turned water into wine.

This passage has created many conversations. Was the drink Jesus created really wine? Should he have provided so much wine? Was he disrespectful to his mother?

I want to talk about his interaction with his mother.

A footnote in my Bible says that the Greek word for woman shows no disrespect. I think Jesus’ action here showed much respect for his mother.

Mary shows no sign of feeling disrespected. She tells the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them to. She expected her son to obey her and help out with the problem at the party.

Jesus did obey his mother. It says this miracle helped his disciples to believe in him. Was that the reason Jesus did it?

I don’t know why Jesus did it—to help out the friends at the party; to be respectful to his mother; to show his power to his disciples.

I don’t know that it matters why. All the above were accomplished. I think it showed a fun interaction between Jesus and his mother.

Even though he’s grown, and even though Mary knows Jesus is the Messiah, she still feels comfortable in approaching Jesus and asking for help.

Jesus feels comfortable having a little disagreement with his mom. Or was he teaching her a lesson as one of his followers?

Mary doesn’t feel wronged; she is confident in what her son, and her Lord, will do.

To me, the interaction shows humor and love between a mother and son and between God and a believer.

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