Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Millie's Christmas Chapter 3

More snow fell on the ground all day, so everybody stayed in the house that night. The family decided to decorate the Christmas tree, and was that ever a lot of fun.
First they hung some pretty little lights on the tree, all shiny and blinky. I sat and stared at them.
What? Huh? I shook my head.
Daddy poured a whole bagful of cute round balls on the floor, and they rolled all over. Bruce and I went crazy—chasing them, pouncing on them, batting them away, then chasing them again. It was great. Mama played with us too.
Ruthie thought it was funny. She laughed and ran and tossed balls for us. Then Mommy said, “Okay, that’s enough. Let’s pick them up now.” So we had to stop.
Ornaments came in many shapes and sizes. There were animals and little houses and people and foods made out of glass and wood, and my mama said not to touch. Some ornaments were just pieces of paper, cut and colored on, and Mommy and Daddy talked to Ruthie and Jake about them.
“Aww, look at this picture of Santa.”
“You made these stars in first grade, Jake. I remember when you brought them home.”
“Okay, Dad.”
“Oh, look, Ruthie, this was the first Christmas ornament you ever made for me. I think you were three.”
That one just looked like a wad of paper to me, and I sure would have liked to bat it around the floor, but Mama said I definitely had to leave it alone.
Then they hung up some long shiny strings they called icicles. I could have chased those back and forth for hours, but everybody was getting tired and cranky, so Mama nosed me and said, “Let’s go lie down somewhere else and leave them alone for a while.”

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