Friday, December 8, 2023

Guest Author, Malissa Chapin


Here’s another author with a Christmas story. It sounds great. Thank you, Malissa.



Hope for Christmas


Merry Noel is a busy woman with no time or patience to celebrate holidays. But when she's fired after going berserk at the office Christmas party, she goes back to Wisconsin to visit her mom for the first time in years.


A wise man named Joe, a blizzard, and an unexpected guest help Merry recapture her joy and bring her Hope for Christmas.




Malissa Chapin has a heart for writing stories filled with humor, faith, and truth. She’s always adored reading excellent books and is tickled to see her childhood dream of becoming an author finally come true.


Malissa loves creating with words, watercolor, fabric, and yarn. You can find her in her garden, at the piano, homeschooling her bonus baby, or enjoying a coffee with friends.


She lives and sometimes freezes in Wisconsin with her family and a crazy cat.


About writing this novella:


When I saw this cover for sale on my cover designer’s page, I fell in love with the colors, the style, and the feeling, but I didn’t have a Christmas story in the works. I kept looking at it and started to worry. “What if someone else buys it?” Aack!

That’s it! I bought it. So, the cover was mine, and now I needed a story.

I wanted to write a story similar to all the sweet cheesy movies some of us enjoy at Christmas, but I also wanted to include some thought-provoking ideas, and that’s the twist in the story!


My true confession is that I wrote a story just for a cover I had already purchased. I’m sure that qualifies me for nerd status somewhere. Ha!


  1. Hi Kathy and Malissa. I have read Malissa's Hope for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. It reflects the way the Christmas season can bring joy to a sad and lonely heart.