Friday, October 13, 2023

Guest Author, Angela D. Shelton

I really enjoy Angela’s variety of stories.



Ever wondered where authors pluck their story ideas from? I used to be just as curious—especially when it came to spine-chillers from the likes of Stephen King. (No offense, Mr. King. I’m just too chicken to delve into your realm of horror.)


Inspiration often comes from the most unexpected places. My latest ah-ha moment? Reading Peter Zeihan’s eye-opening non-fiction work, “The End of the World is Just the Beginning.” Zeihan, a geopolitical strategist who consults for big names like the U.S. Military, delves deep into the looming population crisis and its ramifications.


And let me tell you, the signs are all around us. Case in point: a local restaurant I love recently shut its doors—not because it lacked customers, but because it couldn’t keep staff. The owner spilled that it’s not just about hiring—it’s the nail-biting uncertainty of whether staff will actually show up to work—on time—every day.


This got me thinking: What if a catastrophic event changed everything we know? What if Atlanta got leveled in a war, and those who survived vowed never to let a population crisis happen again? And what if, at the heart of this new world, was a teenager named Lexi?


Enter “Rise of the Y,” my newest young adult novel. Meet Lexi—a seventeen-year-old who balks at the idea of government-mandated husbands, careers, and lifestyles, all in the name of ‘optimal genetics.’



I’m thrilled to share this story with you. Packed with suspense, sprinkled with romance, and driven by a narrative that holds a mirror to our society, “Rise of the Y” aims to captivate and provoke thought in equal measure. Can’t wait for you to dive in!


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About the Author


Tales of Courage, Love, and Faith from the Cattle Fields to the Battlefields.

Angela D. Shelton, winner of the 2023 Christian Indie Awards in the young adult category, crafts spellbinding narratives in both young adult and romance genres. As a healthcare accountant, her life extends well beyond spreadsheets and ledgers. Alongside her husband, Tom, she passionately manages a thriving cattle ranch nestled within Georgia's picturesque landscapes.

Her inspiration doesn't end at the ranch gates. Drawing from hands-on agricultural experiences and Tom's rich knowledge of military and law enforcement, Angela weaves enthralling post-apocalyptic worlds in her acclaimed series, Collapse. This collection spotlights a brave family from a charming Georgia town, who, faced with a crumbling global supply chain, finds salvation in farming just in the nick of time.

Angela's latest literary undertaking, the riveting Rise of the Y, escorts readers into a dystopian realm set among the ruins of Atlanta, Georgia. Her storytelling mastery, combined with real-life insights, makes her novels not just compelling reads but immersive experiences. Whether it's a tale of resilience, romance, or rebellion, Angela's words resonate with readers, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.


  1. Wow, Angela, this sounds like a compelling story! Thank you for sharing about it with us. Kathy, thank you for hosting Angela!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, Angela! God bless you as you write for Him! (Erma) :)

    1. Thank you, Erma. From Kathy

    2. Thank you, Erma! I pray God will use all His author children to spread a message of good news.

    3. Thank you, Angela.