Friday, June 2, 2023

Need Some Titles for Summer Reading?

When my kids were in school, they had assigned summer reading. Not that that was ever a problem for my book-loving children. But, still, it’s nice to be able to choose some for yourself.


Bullseye by Virginia Smith. Mystery, romance, faith.


Love Unexpected by Jody Hedlund. A story about lighthouses; a reminder to accept the forgiveness God has given us through Jesus.


The Edge of Belonging by Amanda Cox. An unbelievable heart-breaking, heart-warming story about how Jesus saw people who were invisible, alone in the byways of life, and loved them, joined them together, and made them a family.


The Painted Castle by Kristy Cambron. Three breath-taking stories at a country manor in England; one in the time of Queen Victoria, one during World War II, one during the 21st century, and how the lives of the three families are beautifully woven together.


Where the light fell by Philip Yancey. Memoir. Looks at how from a troubled childhood home, he and his brother end up on totally different life tracks. Ends with a trust in God’s love and the gift of his grace.


Tranquility Falls by Davis Bunn, one of my favorite authors. Mystery, recovery, family, and a bit of romance.


19 minutes to live: helicopter combat in Vietnam by Lew Jennings. Excellent history and personal accounts of the Vietnam War. Warning, rough language. 


  1. Hey, I read 19 MI it's to Live - great book.

    1. I know you did, sweetie. I gave it to you.:) Lovie

  2. Thank you, Kathy!! I've heard of most of these books and have yet to read one!! Better get busier... Love and hugs (Erma) :)

  3. Good morning, Kathy! Philip Yancey, author of Where the Light Fell, is a "kissin' cousin" to you. Philip is a first cousin to my hubby, Keith. And as you are my first cousin - well, you know how people in the South are!
    But Keith and I are officially Missourians now, living in Nixa.

    Thank you for the summer reading list! I can't wait to unpack my books and plan to visit my library very soon.

    Hope you have a beautiful day!