Friday, March 17, 2023

Field of Diamonds

My friend, author Sharon Connell,, shared this story with me. It truly did make me smile.


Kathy wanted to know about my other story when God came to my rescue. This one isn’t as dramatic as the Cattle Truck Miracle, but to me it was God’s hand intervening on one of those days when I was really down. The funny thing about it is, I can’t remember what had me so depressed at the time. Even that was erased from my memory on that day.


The day started out with me preparing for work. In Illinois, I worked in advertising at a food broker. What happened to depress me or had continued to depress me from the day before, or whenever, is a mystery now (as I’ve said). But whatever it was, it brought me to tears.


Driving down the busy highway running along the interstate with a ton of cars all around me is not a good place to have tears in one’s eyes, but that was the case. It had been raining that morning, as well, and the sky was overshadowed with dark clouds. A few blocks from the turnoff to the building where I worked, I came to a stop for a red light. At the time, I was still in the inside lane and tried to wipe my tears before the light turned green again.


A break in the clouds appeared, and a wide ray of sunlight shown down, just like you see in a painting. It shined across a stretch of grass next to the interstate where little droplets of dew were still on the tips of the blades of grass. My line of vision followed the rays as they became extremely intense. As the sunrays moved across the patch of grass, about the size of a front yard, it seemed to stop, lighting up the entire patch. The drops of dew glistened as if they were each a half-karat diamond. Imagine hundreds of diamonds, glowing in the sunlight. My unhappy mouth turned into an ear-ear smile and I laughed.


I cried out, “Thank you, Lord. You knew I needed to see a glorious sight like this.” My heart lifted, and I forgot all about the depression for that day. I’ve always referred to this little miracle as “My Field of Diamonds from God.”


I hope it brings a smile to you too. 


  1. Sharon K Connell here. Thank you for printing my story, Kathy. I hope it will encourage someone else that God truly cares about our smallest problems.

  2. Oh my goodness, such a beautiful, inspirational moment!!! God is soo faithful!! He just keeps giving, loving, proving Himself - even between the raindrops!!! Blessings and love (Erma)

    1. That He does, Erma. Even when we are not faithful in trusting Him, He still shows His love for us. He shows us how much He cares, if we are just willing to be open to His blessings.

    2. That comment above was from me, Sharon. :)