Friday, December 17, 2021

Sweet Memories, Who Can Argue With These Guys?

November 6, 1998: Sarah went on a field trip to see Hansel and Gretel yesterday. She said the characters put on their jewelry. Murray asked if the characters were real people (as opposed to puppets), but Rebecca had different interests: "Was their jewelry real?"


We talked to the kids some about Mark McGuire (of the St. Louis Cardinals) and his record home-running while it was going on. One day Rebecca asked, "Does he get money for doing that?"


Murray picks Caleb up from school on Thursdays, so they won't be late for piano lessons. One Thursday afternoon I came downstairs, not expecting them home yet. I heard a child's voice, and asked, "Who is that?" "Caleb," he replied. For some reason, I assumed he'd come home on the bus. "I thought Daddy was going to pick you up at school," I said. Thoughtfully, Caleb answered, "I think he did."


One night we went to dinner at Denny's. As the lady came up to show us to our table, Sarah said, "I want to go to Shoney's."


One day Sarah told me about a bad dream she'd had. She said a wolf was trying to get in and attack us, so we all moved into the bathroom for safety. We had food and blankets in there, and, she said, "When we needed to go to the bathroom, it was easy."


One day when Rebecca didn't feel well, Murray told her that if she needed medicine in the middle of the night, he'd get it for her. She replied, "If you needed clown make-up at five in the afternoon, I'd get it for you."


Murray bought me a new rocking chair for Labor Day. When Rebecca was helping to take some of the parts out of the box, she accidentally poked a hole in the plastic bag. She showed Murray the hole she'd made, but assured him, "I did no harm."


We were eating animal crackers one day, and Rebecca named some of the animals she was eating. Then she said, "This one is somebody's bad idea of art."


November 7, 1998: The other day Murray was out with the kids and they told him, "You're older than Mommy, but she's smarter than you.”


Murray was having a slight gas problem, and Sarah ran out of the room and told Kathy, "It smells like those disgusting pizza rolls."


Tonight Caleb got a haircut, and Sarah told him, "Caleb, you look like a different boy with that big ol' haircut."


November 15, 1998: Yesterday all the kids were helping Murray put together a new bookcase. Caleb said, "Aren't we good helpers for Daddy? He needs lots of help."


November 15, 1998: We have all been sick over the last 4 or5 days, except Caleb. We asked Rebecca, Do you want doughnuts for breakfast? "No, I don't like doughnuts." Later: Do you want pizza? "No, I don't like pizza. I never want to eat again."


November 18, 1998: School days, Kathy sits with the kids by the door and reads to them while they wait for the buses. This morning, though, there was no new book to read. Rebecca asked, "Can we have free time this morning?"


At supper Caleb was talking about his friend who had muscular dystrophy and who died recently, and we said that now that he has gone to heaven, his new body works perfectly. Rebecca said, "And he can get both ears pierced." Murray said that is his idea of heaven, also.


November 20, 1998: A woman at our dentist's office said she had a daughter who rode the bus with both our girls, so we had asked Rebecca to try to find out who that was. Murray was talking to her while she was reading, and she said, "I asked Claudia where her mother worked, and Claudia said, ‘Rent A Cyclops' or something."


Recently Rebecca was looking at Kathy's mother's-ring, and said, "I want us to adopt more kids. I want you to have stones all around the ring." 


  1. Precious memories! Thanks for sharing, Kathy! Have a blessed Merry Christmas!

  2. And instantly I knew what a mother's ring is.

    Maybe "A Mother's Ring" would make a good title for a memoir. With a mother's ring on the cover.