Friday, November 5, 2021

Sweet Memories and Fun Thoughts

July 30, 1998: The other night the kids took invitations to a 5-day Bible club at our house to our neighbors. Rebecca said one neighbor boy handed it back to her and said they don't read the Bible. Ping-Hwei didn't understand that. He kept asking over and over, "Why some people no love Jesus?"


August 11, 1998: Benjamin drinks whole milk, which is sometimes called homogenized on the jug. This morning I asked Rebecca which milk I had, Benjamin's or the low-fat milk which the rest of us drink. She said, "That's hypnotized, or whatever."


Murray and the kids were in the car this afternoon, and Rebecca said that animals had to be the kind of animals that their parents were. Murray said, no, there were animals not quite like their parents. Rebecca said, "Yeah, aren't camels and donkeys the parents of llamas?" (we're pretty sure she was thinking of mules).


August 15, 1998: Murray and the kids were on the way to Branson, and Murray said, "We're almost there -- soon we'll see grandma and Morgan and Myles and maybe Dylan." Sarah said, "Don't get me so excited."


On the trip, there was some violin music on the radio, and Murray asked what kind of instrument that was. Sarah answered, "I think accordion."


We have decided that Caleb is the strangest person we know. Since he's had chicken pox, he's been taking baths in this oatmeal bath stuff. This morning we were talking about how you use oatmeal for itchiness, and tomato juice for skunk smell, and he asked, "But what if you went outside and ten million horses sneezed on you?"


August 27, 1998: Rebecca is showing Sarah a book about body parts, and she just showed her a picture of the brain, and excitedly, Sarah said, "Daddy's right! It does look like lettuce!" "Cabbage," Rebecca corrected.



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    1. About the ten million horses? My husband said he should take a shower.:)

  2. My week flew by - dr appts, therapy appts, and testing appt - yet - GOD GIFTED ME TIME TO GET IN SOME EDITS/REVISIONS on my current WIP - I praise Him for bringing me a new, knowledgeable dr with OPTIONS that give me hope - We celebrated my Mother-in-law's 95th birthday tonight - She is such a strong woman! It's been a well-lived week here in Michigan, Kathy!

  3. I love these, especially the hypnotized milk!!! Too funny!!! :)

  4. Love these, Kathy! Thank you for sharing some of your most precious memories of your family.