Friday, June 25, 2021

Sweet Memories, They Do Make Me Smile

These are memories from when my children were very young. Now that they are all adults, let me tell you a little about them:


Benjamin helps me, with much patience, with my computer problems.

Sarah shares books and movies with me.

Rebecca sent me flowers when my kitty died.

Caleb got me dark chocolate for Mother’s Day.

And any time Ping-Hwei says, “Open your mouth,” I do not hesitate. I trust him to give me something good.


June 8, 1998: Sarah told Kathy today, "I know I'm supposed to love Jesus most of all, but sometimes I love the cats a little more."


June 9, 1998: At the optician's today, Sarah asked Murray what 700 plus 700 was. Well, what's 7 plus 7? "14," she answered. So 700 plus 700 is 1400. Sarah smiled. "There's no such thing as 1400. Hundreds stop at 900."


June 13, 1998: This morning, little Benjie, 18 months old, pinched Kathy. It hurt, and made her mad: "Benjamin, don't pinch me!" He chortled, "No, no, no."


June 16, 1998: The back yard grass got really long, so that after Murray cut it, it needed to be raked. Ping-Hwei raked it, and Sarah helped Murray put the grass in garbage bags. She came in the house and told me, "I helped Daddy clean up the hay."


June 18, 1998: Benjamin cried for hours this evening, and little Sarah came upstairs from the basement and rocked him to sleep. Kathy said she was a good sister, and Sarah said, "I was downstairs looking around, and I thought about how Mary took care of Jesus, and she didn't look around, so I came up to take care of Benjie."


A few days ago, Rebecca noticed the cat box and said, "Somebody needs to clean this cat box. Angel won't even go in it."


June 22, 1998: The other day Murray was out with Rebecca, and she saw a horse at a store, the kind kids ride for a quarter. In the car, she said she wanted to ride next time she was there, and told him, "It said, 'Warning, ride may start with a jolt'. I hope my ride starts with a jolt. What does that mean?"


June 27, 1998: Rebecca is weaving pot holders, some with cotton loops and some with nylon loops. She asked me if when I made pot holders as a kid, if I had cotton loops. I said I didn't remember, and she said, "Maybe they didn't have cotton way back then."


Murray used some tools, and asked Rebecca to put the hammer away. She said, "I'll put away the nose head, too." (needle nose pliers)


July 9, 1998: It's been raining a lot lately. Yesterday Ping-Hwei said he didn't like the rain because he didn't want his feet to get muddy. He asked if it was okay if he asked God not to let it rain any more.


July 19, 1998: At church Doug always says, "God is good" and all the people say, "All the time." Then Doug says, "All the time" and the people say "God is good." Yesterday Murray was telling me about a new book he got for Sarah, and he read from it that it said, "God is good," and quickly, Ping-Hwei said, "All the time."


July 27, 1998: Last night was YMCA night with the church. After swimming, Caleb reached into his locker to get his shoes out. He jumped up with surprise and said, "The bottom of the locker is dusty!" (He must not have been used to dust at home, right?) 


  1. So sweet. I got a kick out of the first one especially, how your daughter knew she was suppose to love God the most. Then she confessed how sometimes she loved her cats more.

  2. Haha!! Such wonderful memories!! I loved them all but that there's no such thing as 1400 really cracked me up! Probably because at my age, I don't want to keep counting!!! HA!

    Thanks for sharing these, Kathy!!! :)

  3. And now we get to look back on looking back on "way back then."

    Thanks for preserving these moments for us to enjoy.

  4. Love hearing your memories. Sarah is sweet to take care of Benjamin have a good weekend love Laura

  5. Kathy, these memories are priceless! Makes my heart hurt that I didn't keep better track of my kids' sayings and actions when they were young. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. We're always telling young parents they should write down the things their kids say. It will be a treasure someday.:) Thanks, Patti.:)