Friday, February 12, 2021

Sweet Memories, Laugh Out Loud

December 26, 1997: The kids didn't get to play in the snow too much yesterday before it melted. I said not to worry, there was a lot of winter left when it might snow. Sarah, laughing at herself, said, "I thought that today was the last day for snowing."


December 31, 1997: Some friends' were over yesterday watching a Noah's Ark movie with the kids. When the flood was about to kill the bad people, the little boy said something, maybe happily, about the people being killed. Rebecca said, reprovingly, "That's not funny. They're not going to get to go to Heaven."


January 2, 1998: Last night Murray asked the kids if they'd like to go to McDonald’s after supper for a soda and to play in the play area. Excitedly, Caleb said, "Daddy, I just like you, and I'm glad I live on earth!"


January 3, 1998: Kathy came downstairs the other day and found Caleb and Rebecca busily engaged in something. "What are you guys doing?" she asked. "I'm teaching Caleb to write cursive," Rebecca replied, "Because he's not learning it in school."


January 4, 1998: Murray and the kids were in the car today, purchasing gas at an unmanned pay-at-the-pump place. Rebecca was reading the posted warnings and, as the van filled and Murray climbed in to begin logging the purchase, Rebecca said, "You just left a pump unattended,” (which the sign said not to do).


Later, in the van, there was a lively discussion of traffic infractions, penalties, etc. Murray said that one infraction was driving through a red light. Rebecca said that Murray did that once. Murray said that yes, he accidentally did that once, and "You saw how upset I was that I did that. I didn't even get caught by the police, but I was very upset." Sarah said, "You could call the police and tell them you're sorry."


January 6, 1997: Murray was telling the kids about the people in his family, and he said, "Manly, Mark..." Rebecca jumped in, "Luke, John." A couple days later, we were laughing about her saying that, and Rebecca said, "I bet you wrote that on the computer."


January 12, 1998, Yesterday, Murray thought he had given Sarah a piece of bread at dinner. "No,” she said, “You tried to, but I rebuked you.”


January 14, 1998: Last night Ping-Hwei said there was something he wanted to write down so he could put it on his computer at school. He said, "My family, funny, call me Bubby and Boss." (his two nicknames)


January 19, 1998: Caleb has an alarm clock that has a rooster that crows. This morning Sarah knocked on my door and said, "I heard Caleb's hen crow."


January 21, 1998: This morning Sarah told me to kiss her on her hair head. Then she rubbed it in and said, "It's slipping down to my heart."


When Ping-Hwei wants to play one of Benjamin's musical toys, he says, "I want to give Benjamin a listen."


When someone holds the refrigerator door open, Ping-Hwei sternly tells them to close it and says, "Babba (Dad) needs to pay!"


Sarah was trying to butter a piece of bread and was having difficulty. Her explanation for why the clump of butter wasn't spreading: "It's not concentrating." 


  1. These are so precious, Kathy. Thank you for sharing them. Who is Ping-Hwei?

  2. I'm with Sarah.

    Call the police and tell them you're sorry.

    1. Nice.:) To this point, Sarah gets right to the point.:)