Thursday, January 28, 2021

Happy 60th!

Yes, it is true. I’ll be 60 in a few weeks. As that time approached, I could feel a bit of unease.


But now, I am so excited!


My new book, Gifts of Grace, is being released on my birthday, February 23.


What a lovely 60th birthday present.


I wanted to challenge myself with a couple things in these three novellas.


It’s been more than forty years since I moved away from our family farm. I decided it would be fun to set a story on a farm.


Besides the internet, my research included questions for my brother Jim, who is currently raising cows on our home place. This story was delightful to write.


I also wanted to have a main character be blind.


Since I am visually impaired, it seems like this would be easy for me, wouldn’t you think?


But, even though I have to struggle to put much visual description in my writing, it certainly is easier to go by the assumption that everybody can see everything.


Facial expressions, body movements to show emotions and feelings toward others. Visual recognition of where things are located in a room or in an outside setting.


“She blinked, then turned her back to me and walked to look out the window.”


“My stomach clenched and my hands grew moist as soon as I saw him turn the corner and come toward me.”


I didn’t go into great detail about how the blind character performed everyday tasks, and I found that the story flowed more naturally than I’d expected.


I enjoyed writing these characters’ stories, sharing in their relationships.


Gifts of Grace


Three novellas. Three women search with hungry hearts, and God shows them surprising answers.


Tammy needs a new goal to fill her empty nest, and she needs to find forgiveness for her heart.


Mourning the loss of her baby, Judy flees to the home she abandoned twelve years ago. The family farm. Is something new waiting for her at this old home?


Iola, who is blind, struggles to prove herself as a professional and to be the mother her sixteen-year-old daughter needs during a rough time.


Watch as God opens doors these women would never expect. 


  1. I was going like Wow! more than once at how you showed events happening by sound. Really fun.

    Hey, I went to Amazon again hoping to find a comment spot. Clicked on a comment box down the page a ways from your book, and it told me "this item is not eligible for reviews" or words to that effect.

    Can you please tell Bill Gates or whoever runs that huge river to let me review this "item"?

    1. I think you're really going to have to wait for my birthday.:)

  2. Hey Kathy, you kept that a secret! Okay, I'll send some questions your way and you can be a guest on my blog in February. I've cleared a spot!!
    Thanks, Amy

  3. What an amazing gift to commemorate your 60th bday!! It was my joy to be along on this journey! As a sighted person, I fail to see half of what you do!! God has gifted you in so many ways! God's continued blessings on you, my friend! :)

    1. God bless you.:) And thanks for all the help you give me.