Friday, April 17, 2020

Sweet Memories, Something to Make Us Smile

April 12, 1997: Last night Sarah told Kathy, "I love you with all my heart .... Do I have a heart?" Kathy assured her that she did. Sarah said, "But I'm pretty little. Is it a tiny heart?"

April 13, 1997: At lunch, Murray was talking about hassling someone. Caleb said, "Who can I hassle? Can I hassle a sailboat?"

April 16, 1997: Last night Ping-Hwei asked why Rhoda had four feet. I said that's just what cats have, and he said, "I want four."

April 17, 1997: At the grocery store, Murray sat Sarah up on the end of the cart to tie her shoe. She said, "I'm scared up here. It's not polite to put your daughter up like this."

April 18, 1997: At lunch Sarah asked if we could sing "Billy Boy", all we want to in Heaven. Then a little later, she said, "Is it okay for us to tickle anybody?" I said it was okay to tickle family, unless they said to stop. She asked, "Is it okay for us to tickle Jesus?" She added that she thought it would be okay with Him.

We were driving on the curvy roads to the Brinkmanns’ (Kathy’s parents) farm. The kids were enjoying the ride, and Rebecca said, "They made the roads like this so children could have fun."

April 21, 1997: This morning Sarah asked me, "Does Daddy ever be bad?" I said that everybody is bad sometimes, even Christians. She asked, sounding surprised, "even preachers?"

Driving in the car, Murray opened a soda for lunch. Sarah asked for a drink, and Murray, handing the soda behind him to her, said, "Only one drink." As Sarah took the soda from him, she said, "I'm going to drink it all."

April 25, 1997: This morning Caleb asked, "What if this house wasn't tight on the ground?"

April 27, 1997: There was a singing group at church this morning, and they were sort of dancing as they sang. Rebecca told Murray, "They're doing fun things with their feet."

Yesterday Rebecca was using the rhyme, "One two, skip a few, ninety-nine a hundred" and saying she could say it as, "One two, skip a few, ninety-nine, a thousand." Caleb said, "No, skip a lot."

Tonight I said something about a typewriter, and Rebecca asked, "What's a typewriter?"

May 3, 1997: Today Rebecca said, "I'd like to see Jesus working in a circus." "Why?" "I'd like to see Him jump high over an elephant."

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  1. These were fun!! The "even preachers?" reminded me of something one of my children said!! Funny where their minds go!!

    Thanks, Kathy! :)

    1. Yes, amazing where their minds go.:) thank you, Erma

  2. I love the things kids say! This made me smile, Kathy. :)

    1. So many years later, it gives me new smiles. Thank you