Friday, March 27, 2020

Sweet Scent of Forgiveness, Delia Latham

I’ve found a new (to me,) fun author to share with you.

Delia and her husband Johnny live in East Texas, where their pampered Pomeranian, Kona, kindly allows them to share her home. The author enjoys multiple life roles as wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but above all, she loves being a princess daughter to the King of kings. She admits to a lifelong, mostly unbattled Dr. Pepper addiction, and loves hearing from her readers.

Sweet Scent of Forgiveness (The Potter's House Books Two) by [Latham, Delia

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A life-changing message lies within the petals of a rose...

Norah Bradley has a delightful seven-year-old son, owns a thriving nursery business in the Sierra Blanca Mountains of New Mexico, and adores both. She’s past the horrors of earlier years and life is good.

Then Marcus Corman walks into her nursery looking for a couple of special rose bushes. Norah is surprised by her immediate attraction to the handsome customer. She hasn’t experienced this kind of magnetism since the day she met her late husband over eight years ago. Now she has neither time nor inclination for romantic nonsense.

Marcus isn’t looking for love either. His ex-wife abandoned him and their infant daughter years ago. Why bring another possible source of pain into little Juliet’s life?

Despite their reservations, Norah and Marcus find themselves thrust together when their children meet and become fast friends. But as their attraction becomes undeniable, a dark shadow from Norah's past finds her and her son. Will Marcus turn away as all is revealed?

Within the petals of a rose lies a profound message. Will they find it in time to save Norah's life and open the door to love?

Speakeasy: Collection 1 Kindle Edition
by Delia Latham(Author), Jean Pamplin(Author), Janet Ellington(Translator)

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Come on in...the atmosphere is cozy and the coffee’s a delight at the Speakeasy Coffeehouse in Quitman, Texas. The authors of this collection love the Speakeasy, and were inspired to write stories based around our favorite coffee venue. The building is old. Sometimes you just gotta wonder...if walls could talk, what fascinating tales might they tell? While we cannot discern the secrets forever sealed within the coffee shop walls, we hope you enjoy our contemporary fictional stories in which the Speakeasy is its own vivid character. Grab your favorite coffee and dive right in!


The Speakeasy Coffeehouse’s brick walls seep history and the Royal typewriter fits right into the time period. The trouble is, it brings some guests with it.


A brief encounter with ‘Mr. Right’—that is, Nelson Wright, a retired international photographer—turns BrookLynn Laird’s heart upside down in the small town of Quitman, Texas. Two years a widow, she backs off, convinced she’s betraying her deceased husband. Will these two hearts, hesitant and haunted, ever find the courage to join as one?


Business brings Mary Manners to Quitman, Texas. Soon after, in the Speakeasy Coffeehouse, she meets a mysterious new friend with a gentle, calming spirit, and a handsome minister whose kindness and sense of humor steal her heart in a flash. But along with those new relationships come unexpected changes of heart and startling peeks into her family’s history.


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