Friday, July 26, 2019

Thank You Dialogue

I started writing stories when I was about ten. In my teen years, I had two poems and ten short stories published in magazines. Nine of those short stories were published in DIALOGUE Magazine.

DIALOGUE has been running for 57 years. On the front cover, it says, “A world of ideas for visually impaired people of all ages.”

It contains personal stories from blind and visually impaired people, special equipment which might interest them, career information, news tips, recipes, and more and more.

In the 70s, they published fiction short stories, and that’s where I first was published.

Forty years later, I still remember one lesson I learned about writing from DIALOGUE.

When they returned one of my short stories, they told me that other people solved the main character’s problems, instead of her figuring out any of it on her own. That is a story technique I have always remembered and tried to use.

As I’ve said before, for 30 years, I almost never wrote, because of work, school and family. I also stopped reading braille magazines.

Seven years ago, since I stopped working for health reasons, I started reading and writing again, thank God.

I read Dialogue again, and they published eleven articles from me, about being a blind Mom and wife and employee; about being a more mature blind person than I used to be; about braille; about writing; about dealing with new disabilities after brain injury.

As of June of this year, DIALOGUE Magazine is suspending publication due to financial reasons. I will miss them. I thank God for them.


  1. Oh that is too sad! I love that magazine, and they always published my stories too. I really admired the editor because he always appreciated my humor. I had trouble managing my time so I stopped submitted to them last year. But I always had in the back of my mind certain articles I wanted to get out. They were so underappreciated. I don't think enough people knew about them. But they did have a loyal following. I will definitely miss them!
    I get so mad at myself when I don't realize the doors God has opened for me until it's too late. I am so glad you were able to share your ideas for many, many years!

    1. They were great. I'm glad I'm not through with the last two issues I still have here.:)

  2. I'll bet it feels like a family member is moving away. Sorry to hear it. Lovely, heartfelt post.

  3. I'm so sorry this lifeline to many is going away! I agree with Tammy - bet it's hard to let this family member go. Wish I'd heard of them before today! Blessings and hugs, Kathy <3

  4. Sad that the magazine will be out of business. Happy that they recognized your talent all those years ago!

  5. To bad the magazine is ending but I'm glad you were able to have so many stories published in it. I'm sure your words touched many. Another good blog post.

  6. I had not heard of the magazine.
    It's world never touched mine.
    If not for you, Kathy, I would not have heard.
    I'm glad for your intro to another world. Blessings on you. Do please keep writing.