Friday, June 14, 2019

Sweet Memories, what I could Learn From these Kids

October 29, 1996: The other night, we were praying before we went to bed, and Caleb was making up a prayer song, and we were all repeating after him. He said, (about God) "We always take care of Him." I felt like I had to correct this impression, so I said that well, we don't really take care of Him; He takes care of us. Rebecca said, "But it says that when we help someone else, we help Him." I had to admit that she was right, and let her straighten out my faulty theology.

October 30, 1996: I was reading some Bible stories to Sarah at lunch. I read to her about how Solomon was building a temple for God. She said, "Then he's going to come in and praise the Lord!"When I told her I was going to read the story about the three men in the furnace, she said, "But then there was four, and one of them was God!" Then when I read about Daniel being thrown into the lions' den, she said, "But Jesus shut their mouths!"

October 31, 1996: Sarah was talking today about how Ping-Hwei is speaking English better and better every day. She said, "He's doing weller and weller."

November 13, 1996: I was trying to explain to Rebecca today a little about genetics, how she got her nose and ears and hair from Mommy and Daddy. She asked, "So when you picked me up, did I get hands?"

November 16, 1996: We're having a wind-rain-thunder storm right now, so I was listening to the weather radio. The kids asked if the man and lady talking on the radio were real. I think sometimes they have the idea that the people are right inside our radio. So little as I know about radio waves and so-forth, I tried to explain it to them, how there are tiny waves in the air that we can't see, and our radio antenna picks them up, etc.  After I was finished explaining, Rebecca asked, "Are that man and lady married?" "Do they love Jesus?"Caleb wanted to know. I guess I wasn't explaining exactly what they were looking for.

December 2, 1996: Sarah and Murray left the orthopedic doctor, on Wichita Clinic's ground floor. Sarah said, "Aren't we going on the alligators?" pointing to 3 metal doors. "Oh, I mean elevators."

December 3, 1996: The other day Caleb asked Murray, "What would happen if you cut off your knees?"

December 5, 1996: We asked our friends John and Stacy to take the kids to the swimming party at the Y the other night, because Murray was afraid he might fall on his crutches around the pool. The kids were talking about that to Stacy, and she, teasing, said she thought it would be funny if Murray fell into the pool. The kids got indignant with her and rebuked her. Sarah said, "You have to understand, Daddy has a broken foot. It wouldn't be funny if he fell in the pool."

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