Friday, April 26, 2019

Sweet Memories, Oh These Precious Ones

September 19, 1996: Murray took the kids to the mall the other night. Caleb said, "I smell chocolate pretzels!" He was right; they were by a store selling chocolate pretzels.

The kids are going to have lunch at school today because they're having pizza. We were talking about that yesterday, and Sarah said she wanted pizza, too. Caleb said seriously, "I'll tell you all about it, Sarah."

Rebecca was riding with Murray in the car, and he said, "Hey, Rebecca..." and didn't finish his thought, listening to something on the radio instead. She said, "What?" and he said he didn't know. She whined again, "What did you want?" and Murray said, "I'm sorry, I forgot what I was going to say." Rebecca whined, "Make something up." Murray said, "Wow, that was a pretty airplane ... was that okay?" Rebecca shook her head no.

September 20, 1996: Sarah was in the bank with Murray, and he let her have one of their suckers. She was running, and Murray warned her that she could get hurt if she fell. The 2nd time she ran, he took the sucker out of her mouth and threw it in the trash. She was pouty, and after they left the bank, said, "When I'm a big woman, I'm going to make list-es (lists) every day that say you can't have suckers."

October 1, 1996: The other night we were trying to get Caleb to think of the word fat, because it's one of his spelling words. Murray said, "What do you get if you eat and eat and eat for two weeks, and never stop?" Caleb said, "A stomach ache."

At lunch on Sunday Caleb said, "Mommy, I just heard somebody sneeze in my stomach." "I'm sorry to hear that," I replied. "I just heard them do it again," he said calmly.

It turned cooler and windy as the day went on today. When Murray and Sarah went out to get the mail, Sarah said, "This is a nice winter day," then, "This is a horrible, biting WEE-yend. Wind," she corrected herself quickly. (Probably still trying to get rid of her southern accent, which, no doubt, Murray teased her about.)

Sarah is making a necklace for Grandma Brinkmann. She said, "She'll say thanks, and like it."

October 6, 1996: Sarah told Murray she wanted a "whole pop of a soda." (That must have been the age when they started learning “pop” from their neighbors, instead of listening to their parents call it soda.)

October 13, 1996: Murray asked Sarah how many biscuits she would eat for breakfast, and she answered, "As many as you will give me."

October 15, 1996: Sarah was showing me a picture of Jesus being crucified, and she took my hand and touched the places on the picture where there was blood. She said there was blood here and blood here and blood here and, "Here, blood just all over God."

October 16, 1996: I was just fixing some carrot sticks for supper. Sarah wanted to know why they had dirt on them, and I said because they grow in the ground. She asked, "Did rabbits bring them out?" 

We usually have salad dressing to dip our carrot sticks in. She asked if we were going to have carrot sauce tonight. We talked about the "sauce" being cold because it's in the refrigerator, but she asked, "Why is the sauce cold? Because it's got the bottle wrapped around it."

October 18, 1996: The other day Murray took the kids grocery shopping. When they ask for something that he doesn't want to buy, he always checks the list that I send with him, and tells them they can't get it because it's not on the list. So when they came home the other day, Caleb said, "We obeyed the list."

October 23, 1996: This morning Sarah asked, "When it's a new day, like Wednesday, what does Jesus do with all the other days?"

October 24, 1996: Yesterday at lunch Sarah told me that she likes to look up when she prays, because Jesus is up there. Yesterday afternoon we were praying, and I told her to pay attention; we were talking to Jesus. I was looking at Sarah while we prayed, but she tipped my face up and said, "Pay attention to Him."

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  1. I wonder if Sarah has started making her "list-es" prohibiting Murray from having suckers?!!