Friday, December 28, 2018

Who I Want To Be

Recently I had the opportunity to join with a number of other writers in doing a devotional of the book of Matthew.

Author Camy Tang wanted to put this book together to reach out to Japanese women, and the book is coming out in English and Japanese.

I asked Camy if there was anything she’d like to say.

“I just wanted a devotional aimed at Japanese women who may not know Jesus. I'm grateful to you and all the authors who contributed, and happy that the Japanese language version of this book will soon be published. I am praying that God will use the book to help many women come to know Jesus.”
Christian Romantic Suspense as Camy Tang
Sweet Regency Romance as USA Today bestseller Camille Elliot

This has been a fun book to help put together, as well as to read. Some of the other writers who contributed are good friends, critique partners of mine. All share their own struggles and blessings, clear expressions of Jesus’ love, and interesting knowledge of the book of Matthew.

From the book:

“To you, our reader:

I and my fellow authors pray that from this devotional book, you will realize that Jesus loves you deeply. You are not alone. There is no place you have gone that is too far away from God, and He can help you to be the person who you want to be.

Camy Tang”

Below are links where the book can be purchased.

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