Friday, February 2, 2018

Sweet Memories, Where do all These Thoughts Come From?

June 19, 1995: Sarah went to the hall closet to get her flip-flops, and then Rhoda came upstairs. Sarah came running into my room sayingRhoda was chasing her. (Sarah was still nervous about the kitty.) I asked if she had her flip-flops. She said she just had one. I said she needed to get two. She said, "No,because I want to be Diddle diddle Dumplin'."

June 27, 1995: Last night Rebecca asked us, "When it gets dark outside, and it's time to go to sleep, does Jesus turn the light off? Is there a switch?"

June 27, 1995: This afternoon Sarah and I were doing Humpty Dumpty,and Sarah said, "All the kings horses and all the kings men, had scrambled eggs for breakfast."

June 30, 1995: This morning Rebecca asked if they could take their flip-flops and their tennis shoes on our trip, and I said yes. Sarah asked, "How can we take tennis shoes and flip-flops because we justhave two legs and two feet?"

We were talking about how the people of Israel walked in the wilderness, and God had to give them water out of rocks and food fromHeaven. Sarah asked if God cooked, and I said yes. Sarah or Caleb asked if there was a kitchen in Heaven, and Rebecca said, "A holy kitchen."

Caleb was in the bathtub, and I went in to help him. I asked,"Are you ready young man?" He said, "I'm a big o frog."

July 3, 1995: Last year, Caleb went to school after lunch, just for the afternoon. Last week we were talking about how next year he will go all day, from after breakfast until almost supper time. The nextday or so he asked me, "Do you know why I want to go to school after lunch?" "Why?" "So it will be quicker." Murray said he'd like to goto work after lunch, too.

This afternoon, we were talking about how chickens gave us eggs, and cows gave us milk, and Caleb asked who gave us bananas. I said banana trees, or banana plants. Caleb said, no, that wasn't right. I asked him, "Then who does give us bananas?" He replied, "Monkeys."

July 6, 1995: One night Rebecca asked when she and Sarah were sleeping on thecouch in the living room, "When Rhoda grows up, will she be a lion?"

Yesterday Caleb said, "I'm the vehicle guy. I drive tractors, lawn tractors, trains and mopeds."

July 12, 1995: Today at lunch the kids were talking about birthdays and how old people are, and I said Grandpa Brinkmann is 67. Caleb said excitedly, "He's gonna have a bunch of candles!" and Rebecca said he would have a big cake.

July 15, 1995: We were talking about who my Mommy is, and I said it is GrandmaBrinkmann. Rebecca asked, "Does she tell you what to do?"

July 20, 1995: Last night at Vacation Bible School, the kids made telescopes out of construction paper rolled into spirals with papercups at the large end. Caleb excitedly showed us his, and we askedhim what it was. "It's a paper long thing with a cup!" he replied.

This morning I was telling the kids the story of Adam and Eve. Rebecca asked me if sometime I would make up a story about Adam andEve living in the garden, and the devil asked them to eat the fruit,and they said, No.

July 24, 1995: We told the kids that missionaries are people who go around telling people about Jesus. Yesterday we asked Caleb to prayfor missionaries. He prayed, "Help us to go around telling peopleabout missionaries."

July 28, 1995: At breakfast Rebecca asked, "If all the people who love Jesus tell all the other people, is Heaven big enough for everybody?"

At lunch Caleb said, "If we turn the house over, and put thecarpet in the air, we'll walk on the roof."

August 4, 1995: One day Rebecca was being mean to one of the other kids, and I reminded her that Jesus wanted her to be kind to them. She said, "But Mommy, everybody does sins." I said yes, but we needto try not to. She said, "But it's hard." (God bless her—isn’t that true?)

It's been raining a lot this week. The other day Rebecca asked,"Mommy, you know our shower hose? Does God have a great big hose to make it rain?" I talked a little bit about clouds and how they work,and she asked, "Does God have a button He pushes to make the cloudsrain?"

Rebecca has been playing songs on the piano, and we always sing a lot. The other day she said that we are like computers for God. He gives us music and we print it out when we sing or play the piano.

August 5, 1995: The people from Taiwan were here today, (Ping-Hwei came to visit us first the year before we adopted him, to make sure that was what we, and he, really wanted.) and we were discussing how they eat rats there sometimes. Rebecca asked why they ate animals. I told her that we ate animals. She said no, we didn't. I said sure we did, like hamburger is from cows. She said, "That's food; it's not an animal." (This was probably the beginning of her decision to be a vegetarian.)

Sarah was sitting on my shoulders tonight, and she called,"Daddy, look how cute I am!)

August 8, 1995: Tonight Rebecca had fixed up something she wanted to show Murray. She said to him, "It's ready for you. Your treasuresare laid up."

August 15, 1995: Last night Rebecca called down after she was in bed, "At night-time, if we didn't go to sleep, and just played, wouldit still get to be another day?"

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