Friday, January 19, 2018

Sweet Memories; They Make Me Laugh and Cry and Shake My Head

 April 13, 1995: The other day the kids were singing "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart," and Caleb said, "But when I'm sad, the joy goes out."   

Sometimes we've talked about how God even loved the bad people in the Bible and people who are bad today. Yesterday the kids were talking about who they loved and who they didn't love. Rebecca said,"I love all the people God loves."

April 14, 1995: We were praying at bedtime and thanking God for everything. Rebecca said that Jesus is a light. I said yes, that Heshows us how to get to God. Sarah said, "He IS God, Mommy!"

April 20, 1995: I heard Rebecca counting this afternoon, saying 900and other big numbers. Then she told me, "Mommy, I just counted to nine thousand. I can count to anything!" Then she counted to nine million saying, "1 million, 2 million, 3 million," etc., up to 9million.

The other day some neighbors came to visit, a little girl namedAngelina and her Mom. Later that day Rebecca said to me, "Mommy, Angelina loves Jesus." I asked, "How do you know? Did you ask her?"She said, "Yes."

April 23, 1995: At breakfast this morning, Caleb asked me, "Mommy,when we close our eyes, are the lights still turned on?"

June 9, 1995: One day Sarah was talking about how she went with Murray last fall to get Renato the first day from the airport. She said she went to Brazil to get him. Today we went to the airport to get his parents, and she was talking with us about going to Brazil again. When we got inside the airport, she asked Renato, "Renato, isthis your house?"

Renato decided to make tuna pizza the other night, a Brazilian specialty. We were talking to the kids about the tuna, and Sarah said seriously, "It's not people food." (Oh, what a smart girl! Fish is cat food.)

June 13, 1995: A little while ago, the kids were pretending they had babies in their tummies. Rebecca said, "We're so tired." I guess that showswhat I've told them about mommies having babies in their tummies.

June 16, 1995: This morning when Sarah woke up, she asked me whereDaddy was. I told her that he was gone on his trip with the men to sing and talk about Jesus. (Probably a Promise Keepers meeting) She wanted to know how long till Daddy would be back and then when I told her, she asked, "Who will protectus at here?"

I was teasing the kids earlier, calling them goofy and silly. Rebecca said, "Mommy, if you don't quit saying that, you're gonna geta mustache."

June 17, 1995: When Rebecca wanted to know what people's middlenames were, she used to ask, "What's their Naomi name?" (Naomi is, of course, Rebecca’s middle name.)

A couple weeks ago, the kids had marshmallows at church. WhenCaleb told us about it, he said, "We had cylinder marshmallows."

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