Friday, December 29, 2017

Sweet Memories, Smart Little Kids

February 28, 1995: The other day Rebecca asked if I was going to give Sarah a bath. I said not right then because I had a lot of stuff to do. She said, "That could be one of the stuff you have to do.”


Last night Rebecca was sounding out the word LOVES, and I toldher there was a quiet E. She said, "I'm scared of quiet E's."


March 2, 1995: When Rebecca forgets what she wants to say she says, "I lost myword."


March 3, 1995: This afternoon while our new insurance agent was here, Rebecca asked, "Mommy, does Jesus even love bad people?" Theagent said, "Yes, even insurance agents."


March 4, 1995: Sarah was just smelling my hair, and she said that Icouldn't smell my hair because my face couldn't get to it.


March 9. 1995: "   I was helping Sarah get dressed later, and she said, "I'm notSarah." I asked who she was, and she said, "Somebody I don't even know."


Yesterday Caleb brought home a page of braille from school, andhe could read A, B, C, and L. (Almost had his name there.)


The other day at my Mom's house, Rebecca came in to the kitchen and said to me and Mom, "Mommy and Grandma, two planes are going toland on your heads."   


Later that afternoon when Murray's Mom had come, we were allstanding outside, and I was holding Sarah. She said, "There's twoGrandmas. There's a Grandma, and there's a Grandma," she finished,looking from one to the other.


March 17, 1995: When Sarah sees something red, she will say, "That's my favorite color balloon," or shirt, or book, whatever. This morning she was sitting on my lap and she saw a cut on my cheek by my nose where I'd hit myself on something. She asked, "What's on yournose?" I said it was an ouchy. She said, "It's my favorite color."


March 19, 1995: When the kids were getting ready for bed, Sarah said she was going to take her hands off. Rebecca said that when she'd taken onehand off, she wouldn't be able to take the other one off, because she'd only have one left. So somebody else would have to take theother one off.


At supper Rebecca said something to me, and I said to her, "Now be quiet you cute big girl." Sarah said, "No, I wasn't talking; Rebecca was."


March 21, 1995:   Last night the kids were asking if Jesus could carry everybody to Heaven. Then later, they were talking about taking their toys and hair pretties to Heaven, and Rebecca said, "If Jesus needs us to holdsomething, because His hands are too full, I will."


This morning, Rebecca and I were folding socks, and Rebecca said all the soft ones were hers. She said, "Because I'm a fancy girl. Ithank God for myself."


This afternoon Renato (our exchange student from Brazil) was swinging with the kids, and telling them that he's going home soon, and that his Mom and maybe his sisterwill come here to get him. When he said his sister might come, Sarah asked, "Will Fernanda get out of the phone?" She's used to himtalking to his sister on the phone.


March 24, 1995: Last night after the girls were in their bed, Sarah said, "We're holding hands. My sister is holding my hand because shewants to."


Today after supper, Caleb asked, "Is this tonight?"


March 30, 1995: Caleb was singing a song while ago that he learned at school atThanksgiving time, "Five fat turkeys are we!"   


When Renato got home, I asked Sarah to count for him. (She’d just learned to count to ten.) He said he would give her some soda if she did. She got too shy to do it, and said she would do it tomorrow. Renato said he wouldn't give her any soda tomorrow, though. Rebecca said, "But he will still be proudof you."


April 5, 1995: On Sunday, Rebecca told Murray that her bicycle'sname is "All the pretty bugs in the world."


April 6, 1995: At breakfast today the kids were talking about when they grow up and get married, and Rebecca said, "Mommy, I want tomarry your husband. I want to marry Daddy."


Sarah brought a magazine to me a few minutes ago and put my handon a picture and asked, "Who is this?"


April 10, 1995: The kids wanted to go up from the basement this afternoon because there was a spider. I was still in the laundry room. Rebecca asked me, "If the kids go upstairs, all three, will you be all right?" I said that I would. She said just in case, she wouldleave the light on for me.

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