Friday, November 24, 2017

Thank You Jesus A to Z

During our pre-Thanksgiving service at church this week, we all joined together multiple times to say, “Thank you, Jesus.”


Our minister mentioned driving with his daughter and going through the alphabet, thanking God for items which started with each letter.


I decided to take that as a challenge this week.


A: Anniversary. Murray and I have been married thirty years as of this past August 27.


B: Benjamin, my precious child.


C: Caleb, my sweet child.


D: I thank God for the gift of Caleb’s dog guide Esther, who lived with us for ten and a half years. She was my buddy and always made me smile.


E: Esther cat. A special friend who lived with me sixteen years.


F: family, my mother, Lila Mae Brinkmann; my brothers, Rodney, Roger and Jim Brinkmann.


G: for God, the father who loves me far beyond anything I can imagine.


H: For all the happy days God gives me.


I: Ice cream. And cake, and cookies, and candy …


J: Jesus, my Lord and Savior.


K: All the kind people God brings into my life.


L: Laughter.


M: Murray, my treasure husband.


N: For my name. I like the name Kathleen/Kathy.


O: For getting older. I thank God for the growth I sometimes see in myself as I grow older.


P: Ping-Hwei, my beloved child.


Q: Questions. I’m grateful that God allows me to ask him questions and is willing to reason with me.(Isaiah 1:18)


R: Rebecca, my lovely child.


S: Sarah, my wonderful child.


T: Telephones. Whether house phones, flip phones, smart phones, or IPhones, that I can keep in touch with the people I love who do not live near me.


U: Ukuleles.


V: Vegetables. I’m an equal opportunity eater.


W: For writing, the work I love.


X: X-rays, very useful.


Y: Yarn. So I can knit and crochet.


Z: For the zipper on my coat; so warm.

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