Friday, April 7, 2017

Not in the Heart

By the time I read Not In The Heart, I had already met Chris Fabry as an author through DOGWOOD and June Bug. I expected to be impressed with this book.

Truman and Ellen have been estranged in their marriage for a long time. Truman is a gambling addict. He is out of work and can’t pay their rising bills. Add to that, their son needs a heart transplant, and their daughter is angry and takes dangerous chances.

Ellen has found hope and peace through faith in Jesus. Truman sees that her faith has helped her, but he cannot accept it. He is filled with turmoil of guilt, self-loathing, hopelessness.

I am impressed at an author’s ability when I catch myself praying for a character in a book I’m reading. That happened to me with the people in this book.

I have not had the same problems Truman had, and yet I can relate to him. Truman is shown in an amazing picture as a troubled man, gripped by an addiction, loving his family, sorrow and regrets and determination.

And as the book progresses, Truman recognizes that God is pursuing him.

Both as a reader and writer, the thing that struck me hardest in this book was a shocking surprise. After working through the shock, I was encouraged to take risks as a writer.

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