Friday, March 10, 2017

St. Baldrick's Day

On March 17, 2003, Murray called me at work and asked if it was okay if he got Benjamin’s head shaved. Benjamin was six.

At A.J. Rocco’s, a club in downtown Cleveland, they were having a fundraiser for children’s cancer research. They would shave your head on St. Baldrick’s Day. Murray saw it on the news that morning and wanted to take Benjamin and go.

I said “sure.” Why not?

Murray said when they got there, the ladies checking them in repeatedly asked, “Are you sure this is okay with his mother?”

This March 17 will be Benjamin’s fifteenth time to shave his head for children’s cancer research. I always love rubbing his head afterward. I wonder if he’ll let me do that this year.

Rebecca did something very brave when she was thirteen. She shaved her head; she was in the seventh grade.
She raised quite a bit of money that year, from people at school, from people at A.J. Rocco’s. Rebecca said her legs were a little shaky when she stood after her hair was gone. Another lady there who was also having her head shaved put her arm around Rebecca and said, “There’s no shame when you’re doing it for children’s cancer.”

More and more people have joined each year, but Benjamin said he’s one of only two or three who have stuck with it since that first time at A.J. Rocco’s.

We believe this is an excellent fundraiser, and we’re proud of Benjamin. Check out St. Baldrick’s at the website listed below.

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