Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Go Set A Watchman


When people ask me what’s my favorite—food, movie, song, actor, singer, dessert—almost anything, I have a hard time thinking of an answer. I have a lot of favorites. I’ll say that one of my favorites is …

That’s not true with books. My favorite book is TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. No contest. I’ve read it to my children. I’ve read it many times, and I look forward to reading it again.

It makes me smile. It touches my heart. It takes my breath away.

It is a beautiful story of family, ethics, faith, questions, doubts, fears, so much.

When I heard that another book by Harper Lee was coming out, a sequel to my favorite, I was overjoyed. I couldn’t wait.

Then the questions started, the uncertainty, the doubts.

Did Harper Lee really want this book to be published? Was it just a rough draft? Maybe even a rough draft for TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD?

My daughter told me she’s heard some people refuse to read it for these reasons.

I read it. I’ll read it again. I recommend that anyone who is interested read it.

Due to Harper Lee’s health, maybe we will never know if she intended that it be read. With that in mind, I believe it is still honoring her as an author to read the book.

I have only positive things to say about the story. It is a story about Scout approximately twenty years after to KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. I’m not going to say anything more about the story, except to say that the strong voice of Harper Lee is there. It’s fun, sharp, breath-taking. It caught my attention. I didn’t want to put it down.

My recommendation is to read it, and to give Harper Lee all the honor she deserves.

Isaiah 21: 6: For thus the Lord said to me: “Go, set a watchman, let him announce what he sees.”

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