Thursday, December 25, 2014

Did I write These?

These poems were accepted by magazines in the ’70s. “It’s Up to You and Me” seems pretty straightforward, but as I look at “I Can I Will,” I wonder if that was really me.


There are so many things God wants us to do.
There are so many things He expects from me and you—
To give to the poor, to open someone’s door,
So they can live eternally in a land that’s trouble free.

It’s up to you and me to lend a helping hand;
To spread God’s word all over this land.
To tell all about Him and teach His ways
So everyone can know Him enough to say,
“I give my heart and soul to Thee,
Who died for me
On Calvary.”


People say I can’t do it, just because I can’t see.
They think since I’ve lost the use of my eyes, I’ve lost the use of me.
But I can do the undone and know the unknown.
I’ll walk up and down this world, and I’ll do it alone.
I’ll walk across the deep wild sea,
And I’ll do it with me for company.
If there’s something no one’s done, I’ll do it.
If there’s something no one’s been through, I’ll put myself through it.
So as you can see, there’s nothing I won’t try
To show this world before it dies.
Because I can do the same, and maybe even more.
So listen to me people, and don’t close the door.

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